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This category is for posts relating to drafting Dutch legal clauses in English. These posts include detailed clause reviews (“makeovers”) and discussions of translation issues, recent cases and general Dutch and English drafting points. See also the posts relating to difficult Dutch and English terms.

Drafted clause makeover #2

Reviewing a limitation-of-liability clause from a Dutch commercial contract Let’s take a close look at another problematic clause from a Dutch contract drafted in English. Here is a typical limitation-of-liability clause (exoneratieclausule), taken at random from a Dutch judgment: Except in the case of gross negligence or wilful misconduct from X, the liability of X… Read more

Drafted clause makeover #1

Reviewing a translated definition in a Dutch university’s employment conditions Many drafted clauses translated from Dutch to English retain their original Dutchness. When it comes to drafted text, lawyers and translators are sometimes reluctant to stray too far from the original Dutch wording. Also, some of these clauses are simply difficult to understand—despite the great… Read more