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This category is for posts taking a close look at Dutch legal words and phrases that are often difficult to express well in English.

Examples of “verdedigbaar” mistranslations and how to repair them

The unclear use of a verdedigbaar mistranslation arises from time to time in the English writing of Dutch lawyers. In an earlier post, we looked at this problem in detail. Here we continue by looking at a few examples of mistranslations of verdedigbaar and how to repair them. First example (unclear whether “verdedigbaar” meant as… Read more

Translating “onverminderd”

How should onverminderd artikel X be translated into English? This is a tricky translation point, perhaps one of the trickiest. How is onverminderd artikel X used in legal Dutch? This is surprisingly difficult to ascertain. Despite its ubiquity, there appears to be no authoritative or universally applicable definition. Indeed, the meaning seems to depend on the… Read more