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“Advice” is uncountable

One of the most common mistakes made by Dutch lawyers is to forget that the noun “advice” is uncountable. This means that “advices” and “an advice” are always wrong.

Reframe it as uncountable. Refer to “our advice” or “the advice”.

You could also express adviezen as “letters of advice” or “advice letters”. Rather than using “an advice”, use “a letter of advice” or “advice letter”.

You could reword adviezen as a verb like this: “we have advised you several times on this matter”.

Spelling:  we advise, our advice

The verb (werkwoord) is spelled with an “s”.

We can advise you only on matters relating to Dutch law.

The noun (zelfstandig naamwoord) is spelled with a “c”.

Our advice is restricted to matters relating to Dutch law.

Greg Korbee (Originally published in December 2013. Republished in December 2018.)

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